Ever wonder what it’s like being a florist?

No, probably not. Most people just see flowers and think how nice, or come into a shop and say what a lovely place to work. The inner workings of it rarely seems to cross anyones mind. It’s not exactly a job they push in high school. More often than not it seems to be a family business, either you’re in it or you’re not. Flowers appear, but one rarely thinks, “hey where did these come from before they ended up on my table?”, “what human hand selected all of these beauties and artfully arranged them into something worth enjoying?”, “what went into this simple happy arrangement?”. It’s the florist, or floral designer as we more often like to be called, who makes it all happen.

This is my first time blogging, so bare with me. It just seems flowers need to be discussed. Also something that I don’t mind admitting and should, I suppose, be addressed when working in a written format… I’m an awful speller beyond the help of spell check in some cases (like hominiums and all of those look alike sound different words, so help me why are they allowed). Thankfully you do not have to know how to spell to know how to be an amazing floral designer, and to toot my own horn I like to consider myself one of those.

We shall see how often this gets updated.  That is another one of those tricky things about being a small business, especially one rooted in creativity.  There never seems to be time to add new photos or update the website. Which brings me to… FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! hardts_and_flowers. There is something so great about a quick easy platform like instagram, snap, add, done! You’ll get the most up to date information on my insta, the most recent photos, sales and all other fun things.


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