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Floral Life

Ever wonder what it’s like being a florist? No, probably not. Most people just see flowers and think how nice, or come into a shop and say what a lovely place to work. The inner workings of it rarely seems to cross anyones mind. It’s not exactly a job they push in high school. More […]


In three days it will be it, the big show, Valentine’s Day.  The storm is upon us, as a literal storm approaches. There is nothing like a midwinter holiday, uncertainty is everything. When I worked in manhattan we had a fleet of people ready to brave a cold snowy day so everyone would get those […]

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The Calm Before the Storm

Valentine’s Day is an amazing time of year for a florist.  Yes, I said time of year. For the average person Valentine’s Day is but a single day, cards are exchanged, dinners are had, chocolates are picked through, jewelry boxes are opened, and you guessed it flowers are given. All of this for one day […]