In three days it will be it, the big show, Valentine’s Day.  The storm is upon us, as a literal storm approaches. There is nothing like a midwinter holiday, uncertainty is everything. When I worked in manhattan we had a fleet of people ready to brave a cold snowy day so everyone would get those arrangements from their loved ones. While tomorrow is the expected day of the storm, it still affects the holiday two days later. There is a ton of prep work still waiting to be done, flowers waiting to be arranged, and orders to take.

Thankfully the day of my storm, Valentine’s Day is suppose to be mild. Fun fact, flowers need jackets in the cold otherwise they run the risk of “burning” or getting too cold. Oddly enough florists have to consider things like weather across the globe when it comes to their flowers. Too much rain in Florida, there goes the leather leaf crop. A late unexpected frost in the Carolinas, eeek mothers day peony ahhhh. Note to mention the transit of our flowers from across the country to across the globe, if flights are canceled so are our flowers. There can be a lot of stress in our industry but florists have a lot of good they are involved in as well.

There is nothing like hearing all the love stories that start pouring in this time of year. The husband making sure his wife gets flowers early because she has a business trip, a young girl ready to tell her crush she likes him with a single red rose and a note. Not to mention Galentine’s Day, women celebrating their love for their friends and ladies making sure no one is forgotten in a when those that don’t have a romantic someone this time of year can start feeling down. As a florist, I get to make those feel good moments happen, and it makes all the stress, all the worry, worth it.

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