Valentine’s Day is an amazing time of year for a florist.  Yes, I said time of year. For the average person Valentine’s Day is but a single day, cards are exchanged, dinners are had, chocolates are picked through, jewelry boxes are opened, and you guessed it flowers are given. All of this for one day to share your love with someone.

For a floral designer however, Valentine’s Day is a season, almost a way of life.  For that day of bliss we have to start prepping early, sometimes before Christmas early. There are flowers to order, special boxes, vases that just scream I LOVE YOU.  There is lots to be done.

But then there isn’t.

I am of course referring to the calm before the storm. The period we are experiencing right now. The two or three weeks before the actual DAY (and by day I mean Valentine’s week in floral speak). Orders have been placed, windows have been bejeweled, boxes have been folded, and now we wait. There are the birthday orders that still come in, or the get well soons, but everything is very quiet. The panic of getting everything into place is over, the doing everything you can in preparation is over.

There is a phrase thrown around alot in floral design, “hurry up and wait.” When you are dealing with a perishable item such as flowers there is just so much you can do before hand. Hard goods can just be sorted so many times before you throw your hands up and say “hello Valentine’s Day I am ready for you, bring it” and then maybe roar into the air because why not, you’re ready to take on the world.

Then the first week of February rolls around.

And theres your face. Being slammed into, hard, by that world.

The adrenaline kicks in and you work your fingers to the bone to make sure that everything is ready and in place for when your flowers are delivered. Then you wait. Then those flowers come, and boom, once again it is nonstop until everything is perfect, and all the flowers you painstakingly ordered months ago are all out of the shop and on their way to offices and homes. And you helped everyone who walked into your little shop have that special day. The one day where it is total okay to proclaim your love in 39 different ways, because that is the beauty of Valentine’s day. Florists like me are here to help you give that magic.

Give someone flowers by Hardts and Flowers this Valentine’s day and show them you love them a little extra.

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